Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Speak in English you can! with a CD

This was published in 2006 by Scitech Publications, Chennai. Now the copyright is with me.

You may find the following information interesting. If you do, I'd appreciate it if you could recommend it to some publisher in your area so that readers can benefit from this.

Thanks in advance.

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It begins with an introduction to communicating orally; here you learn briefly but clearly about communication, your relationships with your partners (formal, informal and semiformal) and factors affecting communication.

It then goes on to introduce you to how native speakers of English greet and introduce themselves.

It next moves on to present sixty dialogues in social and business contexts on introductions, greetings, giving directions, helping strangers, meeting people, inviting, taking care of guests, sharing thoughts, purchases, reporting, complaining, banking, travelling, eating out, looking for accommodation, meeting officials.

It also appends to the conversations information on question tags, contracted form, reported speech, impersonal passive,  ‘It’ and ‘there’ sentences, meanings of modals.

It closes with a note on some essential features of spoken English like interjections, words and phrases, a few useful everyday expressions.

Of course there is a CD going with the book, containing 30 and odd dialogues spoken by my students and colleagues.

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