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Learn to Edit in Style

This was published in 2010 by Scitech Publications, Chennai. The copyright is with me.

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Thank you for purchasing Learn to Edit in Style! You’ll not regret it, I assure you.

The book market is replete with publications from publishing houses on almost all topics or themes, geared to helping you achieve your communicating goals. But there are almost no books specifically devoted to ‘editing’.

This Book is in three Parts:1. The Process of Editing   2. Practising Editing  3. Paragraph Building.

Part 1 emphasizes the need to communicate and develop writing skills. It highlights the absence of and the need for revision as part of the process of writing—whether it’s an essay, assignment or email or a letter, memo or report. It then provides tips you can gainfully put to use while writing, and then goes on to help you acquire editing skills.

When we write, we do err in the choice of words and sentence constructions. Part 2 provides faulty sentences, paragraphs and longer pieces of writing with improved versions. As you look at the examples, as you move from defective expressions to improved ones, as you grasp and grip the process of editing and the reasons for editing, you’ll realize that editing does not after all require superhuman effort and that it requires only willingness and effort on your part. Initially, editing is a conscious effort but as you keep editing your writing, it becomes so reflexive that you’ll not even be aware you’re editing.

Most of us, for lack of practice in writing, may not be presenting our thoughts in well- developed paragraphs. Part 3 lends you support and strength. It presents, analyses and discusses the development of a paragraph with a topic sentence and other sentences shaping major and minor details.

You’ll need a dictionary on your writing table—Oxford’s Advanced Learner’s dictionary or Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary. And, of course, my ‘Learn to Edit in Style’!

Wish you a fruitful journey in the path of editing!

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