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English for Technical Communication

This book was published in 1998 by Scitech Publications, Chennai. The copyright is with me.

You may find the information below absorbing. If you do, please recommend it to a publisher in your area so that readers may benefit.

Like 'a means to an end', this book can be used even for Arts and Science undergraduates, replacing the technical-oriented content to general theme content. 

Thanks in advance.

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English for Technical Communication went into three editions.

This Coursebook conformed to the learning pattern set by the new syllabus of Madras University.. This is in two parts.

Part 1 has six sections. There is a section each on grammar, reading comprehension, dialogue writing and notemaking, transcoding and technical report writing, letter writing and essay writing. Each section gives you sufficient guidelines to use English for various purposes.

Part 2 deals with writing assignments, paper presentation and listening in three different sections. These are new welcome additions. They introduce you to two communicating abilities: (a) expressing technical information and (b) comprehending information through listening.

I hope that by the end of the academic year you will have gained enough confidence in using English to listen, read, write and speak in the bargain in order to communicate (speak and write) your needs to others and to understand (listen and read) others’ needs as well.  

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