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A Coursebook on English 

This book was published in 2009 by Scitech Publications, Chennai. The copyright is with me.

Like the previous five coursebooks, this book can also be modified to suit the English learning needs of Arts and Science students of UG courses.

You may find the pages from this book acceptable. If you do, please recommend this to a publisher in your area so students can benefit.

Thanks in advance.

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 A Course Book on English follows the syllabus prescribed by JNTU. This is in two parts.

Part I
Unit 1—lisening skills: introduction, definition, need for listening, barriers to listening, need
              for training, exercises
Unit 2—speaking skills: introduction, oral presentation, extempore speaking exercise,
              describing objects/situations/people, exercises, role play, have a problem?, aim for
              accuracy, dialogues for practice (with 32 pairs of dialogues in boxes entitled 
              ‘fluency’ and ‘accuracy’), relationships, discussing as a group
Unit 3—reading skills: passages
              writing skills: sentence formation and building, paragraph writing and building,
                                     formatting, essay writing, note-taking, formal and informal letters,
Unit 4—practice exercises on remedial grammar
Unit 5—vocabulary (idioms, homophones etc)

Part II
English Language Communication Skills Lab
Sounds of English (with diagrammatic representation of tongue positions and words practice), tongue twisters, situational dialogues, oral presentation, paper presentations. Information transfer, debate, sample conversations, telephone skills and etiquette

The book is accompanied by a free CD consisting of 17 tracks:
                   Introduction— Track 00
1. Listening skills
     Ex.1—pasages 1—10—Track One
     Ex.2—passages 11-12—Track Two
     Ex.3—passages 13—15—Track Three
     Ex.4—passages 1—4—Track Four

2. Pronunciation, accent and intonation
    1—4 pure vowels            Track Five
    5—8 pure vowels            Track Six
    9—12 pure vowels          Track Seven
    Minimal pairs                  Track Eight
    8 diphthongs                    Track Nine
    Difficult consonant sounds Track Ten
    Commonly mispronounced words—1 Track Eleven
    Commonly mispronounced words—2 Track Twelve
    Words with accent                                Track Thirteen
    ‘Rhythm’ of the English language       Track Fourteen
    ‘Stress’ for meaning change                 Track Fifteen
    Three ‘tones’                                        Track Sixteen

3. Conversation practice
    Telephone conversations                       Track Seventeen
    Conversations in context                       Track Eighteen
    Giving directions                                   Track Nineteen 

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