Friday, 11 May 2018

Communication Skills for Engineers

This book was published in 2012 by Scietech Publications, Chennai. The copyright is with me.

Like the previous books, this also covers the English syllabus for first year students of engineering in colleges affiliated to Anna University, Chennai.

You my find the rest of the write up to your liking. If you do, please recommend it to a publisher in your area so students may benefit.

Thanks in advance.

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The syllabus of 2008 has been treated with a new design and in a new format.

The listening and reading content is theme-based: communicating, environment, resources, gender, travel, health, sports, disaster management, technology and energy. Every learning experience has a set goal.

Theme-based content experiences will hopefully engage the learner and the teacher in meaningful interactive exchanges and also lead the learner to know more about the topics dealt with under each theme.

Besides treating syllabus items in some depth, the book presents the learner with exposure to new areas of learning: form concepts, discuss life—use interesting quotes, categorise human relations, analyse technical texts, role-ply, learn telephone etiquette and basic sentence types and patterns etc.

Much more is available: two alphabetised lists of words with equivalent Thamizh expressions (to help Thamizh medium students to understand the concepts behind those words), word games, anagrams, collocations.

The workbook contains tips for life skills: staying fit, personal presentation skills, commitment, stress management, self-esteem, being organised, assertiveness, learning skills, problem solving, communication, reliability, integrity, motivation.

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