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Pen your letters

This was published in 2008 by Scitech Publishers, Chennai. The copyright is with me.

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You’ll find this book a handy ready reckoner for letter writing. It has model letters for almost all situations in all the three contexts—formal, semiformal and informal.

In all there are 138 sample letters. These are grouped into two categories: Personal and Non-Personal.

Under the first category, the first 43 letters have, for their contents, various day-to-day communicative acts. You’ll learn how to thank, congratulate, condole, persuade, invite. Through the choice of words and sentence structures appropriate to a situation in a given context, these letters will help you to model yours on them. Then you have 12 letters that deal with semiformal relationships with public figures and experts. You’ll also get to know how to request someone to write letters of reference to whichever organization you apply for a job. The first Section closes with letters to strangers. After reading them, you’ll see the need to be polite and formal.

Under the second category, the first nine letters are job applications with cover letters and resumes. If you’re not sure what to write in your cover letters and what to mention in your resumes, especially if you are a fresher and so have no job experience, the next five letter help you present your credentials forcefully. You are also introduced to presenting information in your resume in different ways. An electronic format of a curriculum vitae is also available which you can use to write your own. The next thirty letters will make you job easy if you’re interested in writing request letters to banks, local bodies, the police, government offices. Whether you are a student or an employee, your superior cannot blame you for writing a clumsy leave letter if you fashion yours on the models provided.  You’ll also learn to ask for testimonials from your faculty or superiors. There is a subject subsection on business correspondence as well. Here, you’ll get to know how to express yourself to make complaints, seek clarifications or ask for adjustments.

The ‘Bank Transactions’ Section saves you from the embarrassment of asking for help to do a few basic transactions like crediting, withdrawing, getting a demand draft.

With Pen your Letters at your writing table, doubts about your writing ability will no longer gnaw at your mind.

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