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English for Technical Communication--books 1 and 2

These two books were published in 2002 by Scitech Publications, Chennai. The copyright is with me.

You may find the following material absorbing. If you do, please recommend them to a publisher in your area.

Like the previous books, these books can be used gainfully to teach English to Arts and Science undergraduates as well.

Thanks in advance.

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This Course book is in two volumes.

English for Technical Communication Volume 1

Its preface is in Thamizh, the state language of Thamizh Nadu, a Southern State of India. This book facilitates the effort put in by students from regional medium to learn science and technical subjects without difficulty by suggesting ways and means to not consider English as an obstacle. This also introduces you to equip themselves with skills to tackle written test, group discussion and interview, the three steps they have to go through to land a job successfully. Besides, it helps them with tips about how to retain their job.

Next it enables them to distinguish between hearing capacity and listening ability and improve your listening skills.

Of course there are other things as well that are important to them.

1. Getting ready for a job
   1. introduction
   2. discipline (subject) knowledge
   3. The English language
   4. Communicating
Getting ready to study technical subjects
       Lists of technical and scientific vocabulary in English and their Thamizh equivalents
2. Resources
3. Energy
4. The computer
5. Transport

All the lessons are patterned after a specific design. Here is a sample:

Learning Segment 1—Resources
Section 1 Listen (1.1, 1.2, 5.6)                                                     30 minutes|
             2 Speak [confidence building]                                         20 minutes| lecture 3
             3 Write [4.1]                                                                     40 minutes|    
             4 Identify adjectives                                                         10 minutes| lecture 4
             5 Read and write—FOOD [3.1, 3.3, 3.3]                         40 minutes|
             6 Speak                                                                             10 minutes| lecture 5
             7 Revise grammar [5.7] tenses                                         40 minutes|
             8 Speak                                                                             10 minutes| lecture 6
             9 Read and write—FOOD PRESERVATION                 40 minutes|
                 [3.9, 3.10, 5.1, 5.6, 5.12, 5.13]
             10 Speak                                                                            10 minutes| lecture 7
             11 Revise grammar [5.7] tenses                                        40 minutes|
             12 Speak                                                                             10 minutes| lecture 8
             13 Spell [5.14], pronunciation [5.15]                                 40 minutes|
             14 Speak                                                                             10 minutes| lecture 9

             15 Interpret tables [3.5, 4.9]                                                40 minutes|
             16 Speak                                                                              10 minutes| lecture 10

              17 Read and write—WATER                                             40 minutes|
                   [3.2, 3.9, 3.10, 3.8, 4.9]
              18 Speak                                                                               10 minutes| lecture 11

              19 Revise grammar [5.7] tenses                                           40 minutes|
              20 Speak                                                                               10 minutes| lecture 12

              21 Read [5.2, 5.12] RAIN WATER HARVESTING           40 minutes|
              22 Speak                                                                                10 minutes| lecture 13
              23 TUTORIALS                                                                    lectures 14—17

Note:  1. In all the Learning Segments, the duration for Sections is only suggestive. This
              Segment could even go beyond 11 hours depending on how slowly the segment is
           2. Throughout this Book, speech activity is fundamentally a confidence-building
               exercise only. 2.1—2.10 of the syllabus will automatically be taken care of with
               the passage of time.
           3. The number in brackets in each Section refers to respective related syllabus items.


English for Technical Communication Volume 2

This Volume has four themes: Technology, Communication, Environment and Industry. All thse affect our lives, mould our thoughts and shape our beliefs.

The exercises will make learners think, analyse, reason, infer, imply and express appropriately. They should prepare themselves for the exercises one week before the actual lecture hour. 

This Volume ends with the remaining parts of How to get a job and retain it? They consist of Cocurricular activities—seminars, paper presentations, Getting a job—the written test, the G.D., the interview, Retaining the job—pair communication, brainstorming, oral presentation, conferences, reports and listening.

Learning Segments here have the same pattern as the ones they found in Volume 1.

A Note: These two volumes and all subsequent course books have been based on the
              syllabuses prescribed by Anna University.


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