Tuesday, 26 January 2016



How are you? 
I’m quite well, thank you./ Fine, thank you. (formal)

How are you? 
Quite well (Fine), thank you. (semi-formal)

How are you? 
Fine/ OK/ Okay.  (informal)

The situation is formal:
Would you like a cup of coffee?/
Would you like coffee black/ with cream?
Would you care for another helping*?
Would you like some more cake/dessert?

The response could be:
Oh, thanks. / Oh, thank you. / Very kind of you.
No thanks./ No, thank you.
* ‘helping’=taking a dish more than once (while eating)

Shall I help you?
I can do it myself, thank you.

Do have another.
That’s very kind of you. / Thank you.
The situation is semi-formal
Do you like a cup of coffee? Etc.

The response could be
No, thaks.

The situation is informal

A cup of coffee/ a drink/ another helping?

The response could be
Yes. /Okay.

When you thank someone, how do they respond?

I’m grateful./ I really appreciate your help./
Thank you (very much)

The response could be’
Not at all/ my pleasure

Thank you (very much)/ Thanks (very much)

The response could be
You’re welcome

Thanks./ Thanks a million (bunch)/ Cheers (thanks)

The response could be
You’re welcome/ It’s (That’s) okay/ That’s all right/
Not a/ (No) problem./ no worries (Australian Eng/NZE)

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