Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Giving advice/ making suggestions


I strongly advise you
 to seek help. /

You need outside help,
 I’m afraid.

My advice is that  you need help./

I think you’ll have to get outside

You need help, I tell you /

You can ‘t do it on your

If I may suggest, you’d
 need to look into this
 more carefully.

I suggest that you (should) look
  into this more carefully.

Look into this more

It’d be in your interest
  not to delay any
  further. /

You oughtn’t to delay
 any further.

You shouldn’t delay any
   further. /

(If I were you,) I shouldn’t delay
 any further.

Don’t delay anymore.

It’d be advisable for
  you to leave now.

I’d advise you to leave now.

You’d ( had better/ had best)
  leave now.

It’d be a good change
 to eat out tonight.

Shall we eat out tonight? /

I suggest we eat out tonight.

What do you say to eating
  out tonight? /

Suppose we eat out tonight. /

How about.../
What about.../
Why don’t we .../
Let’s ... 

You could try his
 home number (landline).

You can try his home number,
  if you like.

Try his home number.

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