Friday, 18 December 2015

Two Poems

       on the marriage of a friend        
       No more are you one
       but two egos blended into one
       No more are you independent
       yet you won’t be repentant!      
       No more need you waver
       you’ll face life all the braver!
       No more are you a lone sojourner
       now is yours a soul lovelier!
       Now that you have your honey
       you’ll have your progeny!

       New maths!
       One plus one is two
       This is what you and I learnt
       One plus one can be more than two
       this is what all haven’t learnt.
       You plus you is they
       this is what new maths is!
       Lifeless numbers make old maths
       Lively numbers make new maths
       As in many, in you
       old maths gives way to new! 

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