Friday, 25 December 2015


Checklist to evaluate speech making in class

speech variables
in my
from audience
topic choice                                                                            
  1. interesting                                                                                             
topic organisation
   2. introduction                    
   3. middle
   4. end
   5. logical
   6. clarity
   7. elaboration
   8. examples
topic treatment
   9. sufficient
  10. focused                          
  11. thought provoking
topic communication
  12. audibility
  13. normal speed
  14. clarity
  15. monotone
  16. posture          
  17. eye contact
  18. facial expressions
  19. appropriate word choice
  20. cohesion (linking devices)
  21. coherence (thought)
  22. complex thought structure

on the whole
 performance acceptable

I used this at SVCE where for twenty years I trained students studying for a degree in engineering discipline (including those from regional medium schools) and provided them this checklist for an evaluation of their speech making efforts.
I helped learners understand these criteria—monotone, posture, mannerisms, cohesion, coherence, complex thought structure—so they can apply them along with the others when making a speech or listening to a speech.

Of course, I also commented on their performance: their strengths and weaknesses. They were initially awed by the number of qualifications for a successful speech but recovered sufficiently enough to think of their speeches and their peers’ and did their best to satisfy these parameters. 

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