Thursday, 17 March 2016

Know these words

Verbs to do with food preparation

Peel the potato
Mash the potato
Beat the eggs
Knead the dough
Slice the onion
Chop the onion
Shell the peas
Shred the lettuce
Dice the carrot
Grate the cheese
Toss the salad
Sift the icing sugar
Drain the pasta
Grease the tin

Some action verbs 

Hit/press PageDown key
Hold down the shift key and press Q.
Press/Push the rewind button
Turn a knob /handle/dial
Turn (the fire) up/down
Turn on/ off—lights, television, radio, machines (with motors), cars, gas, tap, water
Switch on/off—lights, television, radio, matchines (with motors)

Words to do with shopping 

‘wear’ is commonly used with dresses that we use for several purposes like children’s wear, sportswear, school wear.

Beachwear/swimwear: swimming costumes, trunks, bikinis, swimsuits
Maternity wear           : for women who are going to have a baby
Leisurewear                : for relaxing in- sweatshirts, tracksuits
Casuals                       : informal clothes not suitable for work: jeans, slacks, pullovers
Knitwear                     : knitted woollen clothes—jumpers, sweaters, jerseys
Underwear                  : to wear under other clothes—underpants, bras
Lingerie                      : woment’s clothes for sleeping in and underclothes-bra, nightdress
Hosiery                       : thin clothes worn on the legs by women –stockings, tights
Coordinates                : women’s clothese in matching colours
Accessories                 : handbags, shoes, gloves, umbrellas
Fabrics                        : cloth used to make clothes
Haberdashery              : cloth, wool, and tools for making clothes and for sewing

Goods for the house and garden
You’ll find these under ‘domestic’, ‘home’ and ‘household’ titles:
Furnishings                  : furniture, curtains, carpets
(Br) soft furnishings /
(Am) soft goods           : curtains, furniture coverings
(Br) drapery /
(Am) dry goods            : cloth and cloth goods esp. for making curtains
Appliances                   : devices or machines for cleaning, cooking etc.
Kitchenware                 : plates, bowls, knives, forks
Ovenware                     : dishes and other containers in which food can be cooked
Cutlery                         : knives, forks, spoons
Silverware, glassware  : articles made of silver or glass
China or chinaware      : plates, cups and ornaments made of china
Lines                            : cotton items like bed sheets and table cloths
Homecare                    : substances and tools for cleaning the house
(do it yourself)             : materials and tools for decorating and improving your house or
(Br also) ironmongery  : tools or equipment used in house or garden

Other types of items
Greeting cards               : printed cards for birthdays, weddings etc.
Stationery                      : pens, paper, envelops etc.
Handicrafts                    : materials and tools for sewing, weaving
Needlework                   : materials and tools for sewing
Luggage/travel goods    : bags and articles used while travelling: suitcases, holdalls
Cosmetics                      : items used to improve your appearance: lipstick, eye liner
Confectionary                : sweet foods, cakes, chocolate, (Br) sweets .(Am) candy
Toiletries                        : used to clean and tidy yourself: soap, toothpaste, hair brushes

pliers, screwdriver, spanner (Br)/wrench (Am), hammer, mallet,  chisel, saw, bolt and nut, file, nail, drill, hacksaw, plane

Kitchen items 
Saucepan, frying pa(Br)/skillet (Am), teapot, toaster, kettle, chopping board (Br)/ cutting board (Am), tea strainer, oven glove (Br) / oven mitten (Am), rolling pin, ladle, whisk,
can (Br)/tin (Am) opener, grater, blender/liquidiser, fridge/freezer (Br)/ refrigerator/freezer (Am), colander, sieve, grill (Br)/broiler (Am), sink, tap (Br)/ faucet (Am), scouring pad, worktop(Br)/counter (Am), bin (Br)/wastebasket(Am), cutlery(Br)/silverware(Am), fish slice(Br)/spatula(Am), funnel, washing-up liquid(Br)/dishwashing liquid(Am),
cooker (Br)/stove (Am)

Slipper (see dictionary), flip-flop (Br)/thong (Am), sandal, plimsoll (Br)/sneaker(Am), clog, slingback, rubber boot/wellington, shoehorn (used to slip your foot in), cowboy boot, ankle boot, football boot(Br)/cleats(Am)

gloves*, handcuffs—cuffs(informal), forceps, pliers, scissors, shears, tweezers

briefs, jeans, knickers, pants, shorts, stockings*, tights, trousers, trunks

boots*, sandals*, shoes*, slippers*, socks*, trainers*

binoculars, glasses—shades(informal) (=sunglasses), spectacles—specs(informal)

earrings, headphones

*these words can be used in the singular to refer to a single item.


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