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Technical English--2006

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This course book was published in 2006.

Unit I focus on language
1.1  word formation—prefixes and suffixes
1.1.1 negative ones
1.1.2 others
1.2 synonyms and antonyms
      1.2.1 introduction
      1.2.2 more synonyms and antonyms
      1.2.3 a word of caution
1.3 nominal compounds
1.4 concord
1.5 tenses
1.6 impersonal passive
1.7 comparison
1.8 purpose and function
1.9 cause and effect
1.10 imperatives
1.12 prepositions

Unit II reading
Text one—a dialogue
Text two—food preservation
Text three—WWW
Text four—Teresa
Text five—what is language?
Text six—A classic battle
Text seven—Assertive communication
Text eight—The Green industry
Text nine—Cloning
Text ten—reading habit
Text eleven—transfer of information
Cloze reading

Unit III
Text one—note making
Text two—jumbled sentences
Text three—rain water harvesting
Text four—solar energy
Text five—cloning
Text six—text organisation
Text seven—space exploration
Text eight—impact of IT on society
Text nine—patenting
Text ten—communicating
Text eleven—plastic waste
Text twelve—noise pollution

Unit IV writing
1. Definitions
2. paragraph writing
  2.1 good sentence writing
  2.2 good paragraph writing—size, shape, sequencing, unity and coherence
         Reading paragraphs in engineering books
3. formal letters
 3.1 introduction
 3.2 letter for practical training
 3.3 job application
 3.4 letter to editor
 3.5 leave letter
 3.6 letter for testimonial
 3.7 request letter to referees
4. business letters
    introduction, definition, relationship, principles, applying principles, appropriate
    expressions, sample letters of enquiry, quotation, order, complaint, clarification
5. sendin email
6. summarizing

Unit V
  recommendations, preparing a checklist, giving instructions, essay writing

A Note: Mr T Murugavel has co-authored this course book and subsequent ones. He is
              currently Head, Department of English at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering,

              a private institution affiliated to Anna University.