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Pen your Letters!

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This book was published by SCITECH Publications, Chennai in 2008.

You’ll find this book a handy ready reckoner for letter writing. It has model letters for almost all situations in all the three contexts—formal, semiformal and informal.

In all there are 138 sample letters. These are grouped into two categories: Personal and Non-Personal.

Under the first category, the first 43 letters have, for their contents, various day-to-day communicative acts. You’ll learn how to thank, congratulate, condole, persuade, invite. Through the choice of words and sentence structures appropriate to a situation in a given context, these letters will help you to model yours on them. Then you have 12 letters that deal with semiformal relationships with public figures and experts. You’ll also get to know how to request someone to write letters of reference to whichever organization you apply for a job. The first Section closes with letters to strangers. After reading them, you’ll see the need to be polite and formal.

Under the second category, the first nine letters are job applications with cover letters and resumes. If you’re not sure what to write in your cover letters and what to mention in your resumes, especially if you are a fresher and so have no job experience, the next five letter help you present your credentials forcefully. You are also introduced to presenting information in your resume in different ways. An electronic format of a curriculum vitae is also available which you can use to write your own. The next thirty letters will make you job easy if you’re interested in writing request letters to banks, local bodies, the police, government offices. Whether you are a student or an employee, your superior cannot blame you for writing a clumsy leave letter if you fashion yours on the models provided.  You’ll also learn to ask for testimonials from your faculty or superiors. There is a subject subsection on business correspondence as well. Here, you’ll get to know how to express yourself to make complaints, seek clarifications or ask for adjustments.

The ‘Bank Transactions’ Section saves you from the embarrassment of asking for help to do a few basic transactions like crediting, withdrawing, getting a demand draft.

With Pen your Letters at your writing table, doubts about your writing ability will no longer gnaw at your mind.

A look at the contents will give you an idea what and where to find a letter you require to write:
1.0-1.5 Correspondence 
  .1        introduction
  .2        level
  .3-5    categories
  .4        non-personal categories
  .5        personal categories 

2.-2.3   Letters: personal  
  .1       the layout
  .2       sample letters
            1. thank you               [informal]
            2. thank you               [semiformal]
            3. another thank you  [informal]
            4. another thank you  [semiformal]
            5. congratulating        [informal]
            6. congratulating        [semiformal]
            7. condolence             [informal]
            8. condolence             [semiformal]
            9. persuading              [informal]
          10. persuading              [semiformal]
          11. dissuading              [informal]
          12. dissuading              [semiformal]
   .3      more personal letters
          13. reply to marriage invitation [informal] ®friends
          14. reply to marriage invitation [semiformal] ®friends
          15. reply to marriage invitation [informal] ®relatives
          16. reply to marriage invitation [semiformal] ® relatives
          17. reply to marriage invitation [informal] ® neighbours
          18. reply to marriage invitation [semiformal] ® neighbours
          19. reply to birth                        [informal] ®friends
          20. reply to birth                        [semiformal] ®friends 
          21. reply to birth                        [informal] ®relatives
          22. reply to birth                        [semiformal] ®relatives
          23. reply to birth                        [informal] ®neighbours
          24. reply to birth                        [semiformal] ®neighbours 
          25. reply to naming ceremony   [informal] ®friends
          26. reply to naming ceremony   [semiformal] ®friends
          27. reply to naming ceremony   [informal] ® relatives
          28. reply to naming ceremony   [semiformal] ® relatives
          29. reply to naming ceremony   [informal] ® neighbours
         30. reply to naming ceremony   [semiformal] ® neighbours
         31. reply to house-warming [informal] ®friends
         32. reply to house-warming [semiformal] ®friends
         33. reply to house-warming [informal] ®relatives
         34. reply to house-warming [semiformal] ®relatives
         35. reply to house-warming [informal] ®neighbours
         36. reply to house-warming [informal] ®neighbours
         37. thank you for hospitality [informal] ®friends
         38. thank you for hospitality [semiformal] ®friends
         39. thank you for hospitality [informal] ®relatives
         40. thank you for hospitality [semiformal] ®relatives
         41. thank you for hospitality [informal] ®neighbours
         42. thank you for hospitality [semiformal] ®neighbours
         43. thank you for hospitality [semiformal] ®acquaintances

3. Writing letters to public figures and experts [semiformal] 
         44. a famous cricketer
         45. a film personality
         46. a public figure
         47. a famous journalist
         48. an expert
         49. an expert
         50. an expert
         51. a thank you letter 

4. Writing letters to a referee [semiformal]      
         52. a former teacher
         53. a former principal
         54. a superior
         55. a neighbour

5. Letters to strangers [formal] 
         56. seeking a favour
         57. response to a request
         58. thank you
         59. lost property
         60. thank you

6. Invitations and notices
         61. a typical English marriage invitation [formal]
         62. a typical English reply [acceptance] [formal]
         63. a typical English reply [regret] [formal]

7.-7.3 Letters---non-personal
  .1     the layout
  .2     the body
  .3     to officials

8.-8.10 Job application letters
  .1       details to be mentioned
  .2       sample CVs with cover letters
       64. a traditional CV with a cover letter
       65. a good CV and cover letter [without experience]
       66. a good CV and cover letter [without experience]
       67. a good CV and cover letter [without experience]
       68. a good CV and cover letter [without experience] 
   .3 cover letters [without experience]
   .4 the first paragraph
   .5 the middle paragraph
   .6 the last paragraph
   .7 cover letters [with experience]
   .8 resume/CV [with experience]
           1. heading
           2. objective
           3. education
           4. experience
                  chronologically 1-5
           5. computer skills
           6. honours
           7. references
    .9 variation in CV
           69. a chronological CV
           70. a functional CV
           71. a functional resume
    .10 electronic CV
           72. a sample

9.-9.9 Requisition letters      
   .1 the layout
   .2 the body
   .3 letters to banks 
           73. asking for a cheque book
           74. getting back documents
           75. a nominee’s claim
           76. a nominee’s claim
           77. reporting loss of ATM card
           78. account transfer

.4 letters to Panchayats/Municipality 
          79. house plan approval
          80. drinking water connection
          81. a birth certificate
          82. a death certificate
.5 letters to Telephone Exchange      
          83. telephone connection
          84. change of address
          85. surrendering the connection
          86. refund of deposit
          87. blocking outgoing calls
.6 intimating change of address to
          88. bank
          89. post office
          90. insurance company
          91. request to insurance company
          92. employer
.7 letters to Electricity Board
             93. temporary connection
          94. three phase connection
.8 letters to the police 
           95. request for recovery
           96. request for recovery
.9 letters to government offices
           97. issue of ration card
           98. name addition
           99. name deletion
          100. surrendering ration card
          101. surrendering ration card
          102. getting a ration card
          103. claim for pension
          104. release of pension
          105. admission to an institution

10.-10.2 Complaint letters
    .1        the layout
    .2        letters
          106. delay
          107. excessive billing
          108. pension not credited
          109. a false claim
          110. partial payment
          111. a continuation claim letter

11.-11.6 Letters to superiors  
    .1 leave letters 
           112. student writes
    .2 other possible reasons
    .3 another possible closing
    .4 emplyee
           113. employee writes
    .5 other possible reasons
    .6 another possible closing

12.  Letters for testimonials
           114. student writes
           115. employee writes
           116. student seeking training

13. Letters to the editor
           117. exit polls
           118. bitter truth
           119. beyond cricket
           120. neglect of schools
           121. deplorable
           122. Baloch unrest
           123. Pakistan connection
           124. Pakistan connection

14.-14.30 Business correspondence   
    .1          definition
    .2          relationship
    .3          principles
    .4         applying principles
    .5         expressions—appropriate and inappropriate
    .6         the layout
    .7         the design of the layout
    .8         business letters
    .9-.15   sales letter 
    .10       why sell?
    .11       how does selling take place?
    .12       in what manner does selling occur?
    .13       sales strategies
    .14       extra effort  
    .15       letter content
               125. a sample letter 
     .16-.20  credit letter
     .17        definition of credit
     .18        conditions for credit
     .19        offering credit
                  126. sample letters ®1-3
     .20        refusing credit
                  127. sample letters ®1-4
     .21 collection letters
                      128. sample letters®1-5
     .22 enquiry letters         
     .23 expressions
             i. payment
            ii. delivery
                  129. a sample letter
     .24 quotation letters              
                  130. a sample letter
     .25 order letters
                       131. a sample letter
     .26 clarification letter
                   132. a sample letter
     .27 response to clarification
                   133. a sample letter
     .28 claim letter
                   134. a sample letter
      .29 response to adjustment
                   135. a sample letter
      .30 another complaint letter
                   136. a sample letter

15.- 15.4 Bank Transactions       
    .1 intorduction
    .2 credit [deposit]
    .3 withdrawal
    .4 purachasing D.D.