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English for Technical Communication--1988

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Technical communication was published in 1998.

There was a gap of four years between A Means to an End and this course book. Mr Purushothaman and Mr Ramesh, two of the owners of SciTech Publications, approached me to write a course book for the English syllabus of Madras University for B.E. students. I said I’d have to get the consent of Allied Publications; Mr Ramesh got me released from obligations to Allied.

This is the first course book I wrote for them. This was prescribed as a text book by Madras University.

Seciton 1  Grammar
1.1                  Tenses (related to words which we call verbs)
1.1.2      Use of tense forms   Simple present   Present progressive   Present perfect   Present perfect progressive   Past tense   Past progressive   Past perfect   Past perfect progressive   Simple future Future progressive Future perfect

Section 1.2 Concord
1.2.1—1.2.8 Agreement between subject and verb

Section 1.3 Transformation of sentences
1.3.1               Voice
1.3.2 – Degrees of comparison
1.3.3               IF clauses
1.3.4               Cause and effect
1.3.5               Purpose and function
1.3.6               Instructions and imperatives
1.3.7               Gerund
1.3.8               Error detection

Section 1.4 Connectives and conjunctions
Section 1.5 Same word acting as different parts of speech
Section 1.6 Synonyms and antonyms
Section 1.7 Prefixes and suffixes
Section 1.8 Prepositions
Section 1.9 Prepsition + relative
Section 1.10 Punctuation
Section 1.11 Nominal compounds
Section 1.12 Abbreviations and acronyms
Section 1.13 Definitions

Section 2 Reading comprehension
Section 3.1 Dialogue writing
                   Group A, B, C
Section 3.2 Note making
Section 4.1 Transcoding
Section 4.2 Technical report writing
Section 5    Letter writing
             5.1 Informal letter
             5.2 formal letter
             5.2.1 job application
             5.2.2 invitation letter
             5.2.3 letter to the editor
             5.2.4 business letters
Section 6 Essay writing

Part II Section 1 Assignment and thesis writing
           Section 2 Listening 
           Section 3 English sounds

My association with them became strong, and I’m considered an elder by both the publishers and their employees.

A Note: This is the first of the series of course books I’ve written for SCITECH Publications.   
              All the others that follow this description are also course books written conforming
              to the syllabuses prescribed. And syllabuses do repeat concepts and activities with
              some minor or major variations. Of course, occasionally you do find a new item.

              Though there is repetition of concepts and activities in the syllabuses, the course
              books that follow repeat certain portions, add new information, suggest new