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Communication Skills for Engineers--2008

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This was published in 2008.

Semester I
Unit I
1. General vocabulary
   1.1 list of common words
   1.2 redundant expressions
   1.3 Expressions that are confused for each other
   1.4 matching words and meanings
   1.5 using words in context
   1.6 making sentences
2. Changing words from one form to another
3. comparative adjectives and adverbs
4. Active and passive voice
5. Tenses
6. Compound nouns
7. reading
8. listening
9. transfer of information
10. paragraph writing
11. discussing as a group
12. cloze reading

Unite II
Affixes, spelling, punctuation, ‘wh’ question forms, reading, listening, paragraph writing—comparison and contrast, creative thinking and speaking

Unit III
Tenses, reading in context, listening and note-taking, definitions, jumbled sentences, instructions—recommendations, persuasive speaking strategies

Unit IV
Modal verbs and probability, concord, error correction, cause and effect, extended definitions, speaking—oral presentation, extempore, speech making,

Unit V
if conditionals, infinitives and gerunds, intensive reading, speaking—debate, itinerary, formal letter writing

Semester II
Unit I
Technical vocabulary, articles, prepositions, intensive reading, advertisements, extended definitions, process description, paragraphs based on discussions, describing future

Unit II
Non-verbal communication, listening, speaking in group discussion, formal letter writing, writing analytical paragraphs, reading for overall content

Unit III
Cause and effect, different grammatical functions of the same  word, speaking—stress and intonation, group discussion, critical reading, jumbled sentences, report writing

Unit IV
Numerical adjectives, oral instructions, imperatives, argumentative paragraphs, resume/CV, checklists, questions forms, email communications and etiquette, descriptive writing

Unit V
Discussion of problems and solutions, writing an essay, writing a proposal