Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Challenges in Written English

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This was published in 2008.

This book supports the efforts of those who sit a competitive examination in order to be employed by banks, railway board, state government.

This examination tests a candidate’s knowledge of how English is used through words and sentences.  So this book helps chiefly in two ways:
     1. it provides
         in Part 1 pertinent information regarding grammar and usage
     2. in Part 2 several practice tests, key and explanation under 12 sections.

Part 1   Essentials of the English language
1. –1.14 Nouns
1.15—1.26 Words, phrases, clauses before and after nouns
1.27—1.42 Verbs
1.43—1.51 Concord
1.52—1.64 Transformation of sentences
1.65—1.66 Adverbs and adjectives
1.67—1.69 Prepositions
1.70—1.92 Word groups: phrases, clauses and sentences
1.93—1.102 Sentence formation and elements
1.103—1.107 Sentence variations
1.108—1.111 Negatives
1.112—1.114 Questions
1.115—1.122 Fronting
1. 123             Reported speech
1.124—1.126 Short responses
1.127—1.130 Degrees of comparison
1.131              IF statements
1.132              Cause and effect
1.133              Purpose and function
1.134              More on question tags

Part 2    Practice Tests
Section 1 Sentence improvement
Section 2 Spotting errors
Section 3 Sentence arrangement
Section 4 Sentence completion  
Section 5 Reading comprehension
Section 6 Cloze test 
Section 7 Synonyms
Section 8 Antonyms
Section 9 Prepositions 
Section 10 Idioms  
Section 11 Substitution
Section 12 General vocabulary