Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Advanced English Communication Skills Lab

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This title was published in 2009.

This Course book was based on the syllabus for second semester of the third year B.Tech courses of JNTU.

Par t One covers Functional English (lots of formal, semi-formal and informal dialogues), vocabulary building (exercises including on ‘analogy’), group discussion, interview skills, resume writing(with an ‘electronic’ sample), reading comprehension, technical report writing. It includes guidance and exercises on (1) listening (TOEFL type), (2) sounds of the English language. It also treats essay writing in depth, which will help learners with the ‘writing’ section of TOEFL.

Part Two helps with comprehension, appreciation and development of soft/people/life skills so essential to personality growth and professional competence—telephone skills, positive thinking, time management, team building, decision making, creativity.

Part Three are added attractions. Part three, entitled ‘retaining the job’, provides additional information on pair communication, brainstorming, oral presentation. It foresees the roles to be played as employees and helps with discussion and tips.

Part four, entitled ‘use of English’, treats with plenty of examples and exercises, formation of sentences and questions, concord, reported speech which will help answer ‘structure section’ of TOEFL and writing essays.

A free CD goes with the book. Its contents are:
Track One—introduction
Track Two—telephone conversations (10)
Track Three—conversations in context (9)
Track Four—reading with appropriate pauses in short and long chunks
Track Five—further practice
Track Six—listening passages 1—10
Track Seven—passages 11, 12
Track Eight—passages 13, 14, 15
Track Nine—ex.47
Track Ten—conversations (10), passages (4), lectures(2)
Tracks eleven, twelve, thirteen—12 pure vowels
Track Fourteen—minimal pairs
Track Fifteen—8 diphthongs, inappropriate pronunciation of some vowels and diphthongs
Track Sixteen—Commonly mispronounced words—1 (138 words)
Track Seventeen—Commonly mispronounced words—2 (meaning change)
Track Eighteen—difficulty with some consonant sounds
Track Nineteen—saying words with accent
Track Twenty—‘rhythm’ of the English language
Track Twenty-one—‘stress’ for meaning change
Track Twenty-two—three ‘tones’